easy and quickly way to improve the performance and speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the best versions of the Windows operating system that Microsoft has released, and although many lovers and defenders of Windows 7 do not end up convincing, this version works quite well on computers with few resources , even the oldest .

If you have one of those PCs, or perhaps one of those cheap convertible laptops that bring enough storage space and RAM that reaches only for the most basic, you have a simple option to improve the redeeming of Windows 10: disable the visual effects .

As well as removing programs from the beginning of Windows 10 is the simplest way to improve the startup speed , this is perhaps the simplest to give a boost of speed to the entire system. Of course, we emphasize that the change is felt in modest PCs, those with less than 4 GB of RAM .

If your team has more than that and a good processor, deactivating the visual effects will have virtually no impact on the performance of your system, and you’ll also miss the beautiful animations.

Turn off visual effects in Windows 10

Click on the start button and type ” Run “, press Enter and in the drawer type: sysdm.cpl , then click on OK .


In the options window that appears select the Advanced Options tab and under the Performance option click on Settings …


Adjust Windows 10 visual effects

The list of options is quite large. If you want maxium performance, let Windows take care of turning off everything and check the Adjust box to get the best performance . If you want to keep some of the effects and try out how it works with them, you can use the “Customize” option and uncheck only the ones you want.

For example, if you keep the smoothing of the screen fonts, your fonts will not be read as if you were in Windows 95, this is something that can annoy some, I personally would go crazy.

Peek, all animations and shadows are usually the most demanding effects. When you have few resources, consider also checking the amount of virtual memory Windows uses . And, if you have time to devote to an intensive maintenance.


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