How to delete the password of a PDF file

delete password PDF

PDF files are a very common option when consulting online documents. They are easy to generate (some office software such as LibreOffice allow exporting directly to this format) and can be read with any web browser, which has made them perfect for the times. Now, you may have downloaded a PDF file from …

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How to add subtitles to a video easily


The content we want to see is not always going to be in our language, nor will it incorporate subtitles that we can understand. That’s why user groups dedicated to subtitling series or movies and the subtitles they create are so popular. Normally available in SubRip format, whose extension is .srt. The problem …

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best five free VPN services for browsing anonymously


There are several reasons to use a virtual private network or VPN . The two main ones are hiding who you are and skipping geographic blocks. Why would you want to do that? Depending on what you are going to do online, you may not want to be tracked, especially in places where digital surveillance …

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