How to know the temperature of your PC’s CPU

measure the temperature

Do you notice that the temperature of your CPU is too hot ? If your computer begins to behave strangely, restarting spontaneously, blocking or slowing down when you perform certain tasks, you may have an overheating problem. To make matters worse, if your system overheats it can cause hardware problems . Fortunately, it will be quite …

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How to download Facebook videos on Windows, Mac or Linux

download facebook videos

have you tried to download Facebook videos to save them on your computer to watching offline, you have surely found that it is not possible from your Facebook account.  However, there are several ways to download a Facebook video to your computer in a simple way, regardless of the operating system you use, Windows, Linux …

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How to reduce the size of a virtual machine in VirtualBox

I have been testing the different versions of  Windows 10 Preview as well as other products that I install within an operating system. I use a virtual machine and tried on without fear to load something from my main operating system. My favorite desktop virtualization environment is VirtualBox , which is free, Open Source, …

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Googledrive vs Onedrive vs Dropbox Which is fast?

Cloud Services

First of all I have to say that the tests have no “scientific” validity since only I have repeated them a couple of times each (although with consistent results) and I suppose that they could vary from one day to another depending on various circumstances. But I think that they can …

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