Shortcuts Keyboard Every Professional Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are a time-saving tool that can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency when using a computer. With just a few simple keystrokes, you can perform tasks that would normally require multiple mouse clicks or menu selections. In this article, we will cover some essential keyboard shortcuts that every professional should know for increased productivity.

Windows Shortcuts

  1. Windows Key + D: Minimize all open windows and show the desktop.
  2. Windows Key + L: Lock your computer.
  3. Alt + Tab: Switch between open windows.
  4. Windows Key + E: Open File Explorer.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager.

Mac Shortcuts

  1. Command + Spacebar: Open Spotlight search.
  2. Command + Tab: Switch between open applications.
  3. Command + W: Close the current window.
  4. Command + Shift + 3: Take a screenshot of the entire screen.
  5. Command + Shift + 4: Take a screenshot of a selected area.

Common Program Shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + C: Copy.
  2. Ctrl + V: Paste.
  3. Ctrl + X: Cut.
  4. Ctrl + Z: Undo.
  5. Ctrl + A: Select all.

These are just a few of the many keyboard shortcuts available. Learning these shortcuts can save you a significant amount of time and make you more efficient in your work. In addition to the ones mentioned above, most programs have their own set of keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed through the program’s menu or help section.

It’s important to note that not all keyboard shortcuts work the same on every operating system or program. Be sure to check the documentation or help section of your operating system or program to find the specific keyboard shortcuts that work for you.

In conclusion

keyboard shortcuts are an essential tool for increasing productivity and efficiency in your work. By learning these shortcuts and incorporating them into your workflow, you can save time and simplify your daily tasks.